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By applying large panels of vinyl to your vehicle we create a complete, eye-catching design which effectively ‘wraps’ it – known as a vehicle wrap.

The process allows you to use full color photographs and/or high impact imagery to produce a design that is appropriate for your business – capturing the attention of potential customers and making an immediate and lasting impression.

The benefits of vehicle wrapping include:

If your vehicle looks professional, your business looks professional. A smartly wrapped car or van which reinforces your company’s brand is a great way to reassure your existing and potential customers that they’re dealing with a serious organization.

Newspaper advertising is expensive and has a very limited shelf-life. You need to spend an awful lot of money to make a real impact using this medium. A good quality vehicle wrap using the best quality materials can last between 3 to 5 years – think how many business miles you will travel in that time and how many people will see your mobile advertisement.


Vehicle Wrapping will protect your paintwork against stone chips and minor abrasions – extending the lifetime of your car or van.

Hand-painted graphics can look great but when it comes to selling your vehicle you need to pay for an expensive re-spray or lose money. If your vehicle is wrapped and you want to sell it, simply remove the vinyl and restore the vehicle to its original color.

If you change your company branding, develop a new advertising message or simply want to freshen up your ageing vehicles a new design can be applied to totally, and cost effectively, update the vehicle.


Wall wrapping & window graphics

Here at EGO Vision we don't just wrap vehicles, we are experts at wrapping walls and window graphics as well!

Whether you are after a temporary wall wrap to create an impact or simply want a design to fit in with your company brand, our digital wall wrapping design and window graphics and install service can help.

Wrapping walls and installing window graphics is very similar to wrapping vehicles.  The products are similar along with the application; this means that your walls and windows will be wrapped to the highest quality by our expert fitting centers throughout the country.

This ensures our finished product can be used anywhere from coffee shops to hospital restaurants.

As our wall wrap is a special self-adhesive system it is a lot easier to remove and generally a cleaner process than the other wallpaper products which require paste.


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